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Forest School at Mara

At Mara Nursery our Forest School sessions aim to provide a range of increasingly diverse opportunities for children to benefit from, helping them to build positive values and attitudes about themselves, about learning and the environment that they live in. They are given time to thoroughly explore their thoughts, feelings and relationships over a time where they can participate in challenging and achievable tasks that build their confidence, independence and skills.

Life at the nursery

‘We love being part of the Mara community. The team always have a collaborative, warm and nurturing approach to both the children and parents. They are also constantly looking for ways to help improve our daughter’s development and host special events to bring families together. It’s a special place, with lots of big hearts.’

June 30, 2023

Mara nursery has been amazing! Our son has been there since 10 months old and settled in easily and loves it there. The staff are all so warm and nurturing. I feel so comfortable leaving my son with them. The staff are so professional and are all so friendly and kind. They really understand children and how to communicate with parents too to make you feel comfortable. My son is so happy there and has learnt so much and has developed socially really well

January 26, 2023

Our daughter has attended Mara for almost a year now. We have been impressed at the rapid attention we have been given to support her time at nursery and the myriad of techniques shared by the lovely staff for helping us to carry through at home. Our daughter leaves each session happy and content. The Mara setting and team have really encouraged noticeable development in her sociability and speech.

January 26, 2023

We moved our son from another nursery to Mara and it was the best decision we have ever made. We previously had 5 months of tears at drop off and collection but the staff at Mara have been nothing short of amazing. Rarely a tear, and more often running with excitement to see the staff and his class. The staff are not just caring and attentive, but creative in the activities they undertake, seek collaboration from parents, providing regular updates and they each exude warmth and passion for all the children. Wouldn't think twice about recommending Mara.

April 25, 2022

Melina loves coming to Mara nursery. She had never been to nursery before. From her first day she was happy to be left and is always happy to go into nursery. The staff are always warm and friendly and greet Melina with a smile 🙂❤️ As a parent I love that I am updated throughout the day on the app about Melina and that the staff fill me in on how she has been when I pick her up.

April 27, 2022

As a first time mum it’s an incredibly scary experience to trust someone with your child but from the initial settling sessions, Mara felt right! The regular updates from developmental skills to nap times, eating habits and the photos uploaded etc I felt at ease leaving Nyla. Nyla has very quickly formed a great bond with Lauren her teacher and this too gives me confidence that Nyla loves her days at nursery. Thank you Mara nursery keep up the amazing work!

April 13, 2022

My daughter has thrived at Mara. Every day she is greeted at the door with warm, welcoming smiles and she comes home happy. The staff are enthusiastic, happy and clearly love what they do. Everyone is approachable and the app they use allows parents to see photos, keep up-to date with messages and events and details from the day. If my child is happy then so am I!

June 20, 2022

Mara Nursery has such a warm and inviting culture. The staff are amazing and for me they are really what really makes the nursery stand out. Like a lot of children in his age bracket my little boy spent the majority of his very early years in lockdown and had very little social interaction with other children his age. Mara Nursery was the first nursery that we went to visit and after seeing how relaxed he was in the environment I immediately felt that this could be a great fit for my son. The staff were fantastic in helping him settle in and worked with me and my husband checking in at various parts of the day to give us updates on how he was getting on which was greatly appreciated especially after Covid.  It has been amazing to see the progress that he continues to make and the lovely friendships that he has made with the children. He often comes home and talks about how much he likes the staff at Mara and to me that proves that I always know that I am leaving him in the best hands.  I would recommend Mara Nursery to anyone looking for a caring, supporting environment for their little ones.

June 6, 2022

Our little one loves his days in Yams, particularly the outside space and playing with the rabbits. He has made lovely bonds with the staff and we are glad Mara is his nursery.

June 22, 2022

Thanks to Mara and it’s lovely staff our little one is always very keen to enter the nursery’s door and wave hello to everyone. It’s definitely a big family and everyone works together to ensure each child’s needs are met. We are always welcomed with a huge smile and all staff are very inviting and kind. Everyone has adapted particularly well to the recent heat wave and the little ones have had so much fun with water. Recently the staff took the little ones to the local park which seemed so so lovely and they all looked so happy to explore at their little adventure.  The app used to communicate with the nursery team is so useful and I feel reassured and at peace knowing that I could message the team if needed. Mara has been extremely accommodating with booking extra sessions and they are always very prompt at checking availability and space.  My little one has made some little friends at mara and she seems so much more confident with her speech, especially her nursery rhymes and this is all thanks to all mara staff and their devotion to these little pupils.  Thank you all for everything.

Zac and Marilena
July 4, 2022

We are so happy dropping Ethan off at Mara nursery each morning, he’s always so excited to go in (mainly to eat breakfast) and is always greeted with a smile from the amazing staff. We can see how much he’s developed since going there and we’re always blown away by how much he’s learnt whether it’s a new word or a new song. The team is always super flexible and willing to help especially squeezing in extra hours at short notice which just makes everything stress free. It’s made our first nursery experience an absolute pleasure!

July 21, 2022

We were initially quite anxious about how our son would adapt to nursery after so many months stuck at home during lockdown but he settled in at Mara very quickly and loves the time he spends there. Jerleen and the staff in Wild Yams are blessed with boundless energy and enthusiasm and we are always greeted at the door with a big smile.  There are so many different activities to stimulate the children inside their room, and the recent improvements to extend the outdoor spaces along with the addition of the rabbits have been really welcome.  The nursery certainly feels like an extended family and we value the fact that parents are actively encouraged to give honest feedback and share their suggestions. We were especially grateful for all the efforts made over the heatwave not just to ensure the welfare of the children in the hot weather but also to keep the nursery open as long as possible and make sure parents were kept updated of any changes.

July 13, 2022

I literally don't know where we would be without Mara. You have helped us so much on our parenting journey so far. Always available for advice, guidance and wisdom. Having a baby in lockdown we were desperate for ours to be integrated into a social setting as soon as possible and we haven’t looked back. You have taught our biggest little one how to sleep, a routine, self feeding, drinking from a cup, naming his emotions, Makaton and those are just a few of the practical day-to-day things. Then there is the dancing, painting, yoga, love of books and story time, feeding rabbits, messy play, oh my goodness I could go on and on. We can't wait for our smallest to start in Chickpeas. Thank goodness we found you. Book your place now!!!

Immy and Henry
August 29, 2022

Our son loves being at Mara and we have seen him grow and develop really well especially now in Pumpkins. Everyone at Mara are always welcoming, cheerful and helpful. Angelina and the team regularly update us on his daily activities and development, even the admin team is easily approachable. The various daily activities that are designed matches his energy levels and enable his overall development. We love the idea of engaging with rabbits to build empathy and care. Our son also enjoys regular outdoor activities & exploring the nature. Safety and cleanliness has been well maintained. Overall, our son enjoys being at Mara and has been a great experience.

Manjeet and Vaishnavi
August 24, 2022

Before coming to Mara nursery we tried a couple of other nurseries but as parents we were not completely satisfied with the clarity of daily routines and activities. But since our son joined Mara we couldn’t be more satisfied. We are very comfortable with all the activities and routines that staff plan and carry out. We get regular detailed updates on daily activities and progress. We have seen the progress in our son since he joined and couldn’t be more satisfied with the whole process. All the staff are very friendly and helpful in every way. The whole nursery is well planned and constructed. Different rooms and play area are designed to suit various age groups. This has helped our child learn, explore, develop and progress so far. Thank you to all at Mara Nursery.

Gaurav Mehta and Mithila Mehta
August 10, 2022

A big thank you to Mara nursery and all staff for the warm welcome for our baby Ryleigh and making the whole process of settling in so easy and pleasant for us and Ryleigh. We are very happy for our daughter to be in such a great, warming, family environment at Mara.  Great communication which gives us peace of mind and we are always very happy to see the progress that our Ryleigh is doing over time. Big thanks to You.

Marcin and Sara
September 13, 2022

Our two boys attend Mara nursery and love it! Our eldest son has been there for almost 2 years now. He has grown in confidence socially, making lots of new friends and connections with staff.  Our youngest son joined his big brother in Mara 2 months ago. The team were great at supporting him to settle in and made the whole process so easy and welcoming for him.  The Mara team are extremely supportive, nurturing and caring towards the boys. You really feel confident your children are in a happy environment, as they come out at the end of the day smiling which is so comforting as a parent. 

Myriam and Liam
October 11, 2022

We’ve recently moved our baby girl to Mara after a really bad experience with another local nursery and it’s unbelievable how well she’s doing here. The staff are really caring, thoughtful and always happy to help and assist her in any way they can help. There’s plenty of daily activities that keep the little ones entertained and happy. She hasn’t cried once since moving to Mara and previously that was a norm everyday when dropping her off or picking her up. This really is a testament for people that are part of Mara and their skills and love for kids ❤️ 👏 I can finally get on with my day and be at peace while Mara is in charge of my baby girl.

November 16, 2022

Fantastic, friendly and fun! From our experience so far, Mara nursery has been brilliant. Our daughter is so happy there and the teachers are all so lovely and nurturing. I feel so comfortable leaving my child with them. Not only are they professional and competent, but the staff are all so friendly, bubbly and kind. They really understand children and how to communicate with parents too to make you feel comfortable. My daughter is always so excited when I tell her she is going to nursery - she loves it there and has learnt so much. It has been fantastic for her vocabulary and general development. Mara have also been very flexible and helpful when I have needed it which is rare for a nursery. I would strongly recommend Mara nursery to everyone - I am so glad that we found them and that we have met the lovely Mara staff! My daughter and I are very happy with Mara nursery!

November 9, 2022

Thank you very much for keeping an eye on Alex and for looking into what’s best for him. It makes me feel he’s really looked after and as a parent you know how hard is to feel that way when you leave your child in someone else’s care. You guys have been constantly flexible, caring and understanding and we truly and deeply appreciate it.

January 4, 2023

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