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New Rabbits at Mara

We are very fortunate at Mara Nursery to have our Nursery Rabbits Bella and Rose living with us!

The children love being able to see the Rabbits every day and as our Rabbits run free around our Wild Yams Garden they love to join in with the children’s outdoor activities!

Research shows that it can be very beneficial to have animals in a Nursery setting. Here are some of the main benefits:

Sensory Development

Nursery aged children discover all about their world through seeing, hearing and touching. Stroking and interacting with animals at close proximity teaches children how various textures feel, for example, the soft fur of a rabbit.

Motor Skill Development

Motor skills are constantly being developed throughout a young child’s life. Motor skills are simply anything that uses their muscles. Gross motor skills involve large movements such as running or climbing, and fine motor skills are small movements such as holding a brush to groom an animal or picking grass or offering carrots to feed them.

Language Development

This is the process by which a young child learns to understand and communicate. Although the animals cannot talk back, children love to chat away to them and perhaps because they can’t respond, the children fill the silence happily with even more chatter. Spending time with animals is great for learning lots of new words too – like Grass, Whiskers, and tail. Children will usually return home at the end of the day and chatter away to their family about the Rabbits.


Young children begin to develop the ability to understand and share the feelings of others, and this includes animals too! When a child is asked questions such as, “Do you think the rabbit likes being stroked?” and “Do you think the rabbit is hungry?” these can help children to consider the animals’ feelings.

It is wonderful that our Mara Families can be involved with our Rabbits. We offer a rota system for families to spend a weekend with the Rabbits which is currently fully booked for the next few months!

Bella and Rose are such popular Bunnies!

Update! Rose has moved to our sister Nursery, Nest Nursery in Bounds Green!

You can follow her adventures on instagram...